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YIMBLY Tumbler Composter Assembly Review
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YIMBLY Tumbler Composter Assembly Review

Step 1 to composting in a small space - don't be intimidated by assembly, a tumbler composted could be just what you're looking for!
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We have a small space and a desire to compost so what do we do? Try out a tumbler composter of course! If you’re like me the first step of ordering something like this in a box and having to assemble it could very well delay the project indefinitely… Well have no fear, I assembled this YIMBLY Tumbler with a small human as my helper and it really wasn’t so bad!

Give yourself a little time, though the directions are straight forward, to avoid confusion you don’t want to have to stop and restart the next day. And you’ll need a bit of extra time if you have a similar small human (or pack of them) helping you assemble… not just to give them time to participate, but you may end up sitting back with a glass of wine while you watch them enjoy using the partially put together tumbler as a space ship. Even a small pair of extra hands is a help, as all you need at certain points is for a part to be held in alignment with another.

A tumbler composter may be right for you if:

  • You have a small space
  • You have a limited amount of garden or plants that would use compost
  • It’s your first time composting (yay you!)
  • You have kids who want to participate in the composting experience (turn baby, turn!)
  • You live in a mild climate
  • If you are looking for a low-cost option the YIMBLY tumbler composter in particular is a great option for the price!

Keep in mind pests are attracted to compost and no method is completely smell-free. Tumbler composting is only one way to compost, you very well may be the type to DIY your own fabulous option instead! The YIMBLY tumbler composter does not come with much information of how to use it, just a couple of simple lines regarding ratio and examples of what to put in. A lot of information is available on-line about how to compost, I found a lot of helpful information here. I also used Let it Rot! The Gardener’s Guide to Composting as a resource for not only using my tumbler, but to learn about other options that might work well in our small space.

Before you get started:

  • As mentioned above, make sure you have set aside adequate time
  • Clear out some space outside to work in
  • Grab your tool set –  You’ll need a phillips screw driver and a wrench for assembly, but my helper used all sorts of tools to experiment

Here is what you’ll be working with:

YIMBLY Composter Tumbler YIMBLY Composter Tumbler

Having a helper is a great plan!

My little helper...

Half way through, no problemo…


Time for space ship and maybe a glass of wine…

Tell him it's not a space ship!


Watch for this part - make sure these fittings are aligned before tightening. You may have to tighten and align in stages.

These can be a bit tricky, make sure they are in before you screw too tight!

And Ta-da! Not pictured is the sun this spot will get for most of the day.

Tumbler in yard

I like to put my compost ready items in a counter top compost bin and transfer as needed.

OXO Good Grips Compost Bin for counter top

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