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Why we LOVE The Kupp’!
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Why we LOVE The Kupp’!

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We’ve talked a lot about safe and eco-friendly feeding options for babies and toddlers when it comes to plates and mats or bottles and sippy cups, but what about when your preschooler is ready to drink consistently from a lid-less and straw-less cup at mealtime? Is it back to plastic? That’s what it feels like, huh?

I remember very fondly the day my son came home oh-so-proudly showing me his soaked t-shirt and recounting the tale of pouring his own water and drinking from his own cup at snack time! “Yay, a milestone, we’re on to cups from straws!” was my first thought… my second was “oh man, do I need to go buy plastic cups now?” Of course my first goal was his safety, but for preschoolers that not only means chemical-free but also something that won’t break and hurt them if dropped or knocked over. Thankfully my research showed me there are plastic free drinking options for the 3 + kiddos like, stainless-steel, etc. Whew. My research also lead me to what is by FAR my favorite drinking option for kids – The Kupp’!

So, Why do I love The Kupp’?

Oh, let me count the ways!

First of all, look at it! It’s an adorable glass (made of soda-lime, and lead and cadmium free)  with a ingeniously designed silicone sleeve that is as practical for little hands as it is visually appealing.

Orange KUPP'

Now, if you’re like me you may be thinking wait-a-minute-that-looks-like-a-wine-glass-and-can-I-get-one-in-my-size?!?! It does look similar to a small scale wine glass! The creator of the awesome Kupp’ is Kate Oliver – founder of Katesplace, mama of three, and Kupp’ designer; with experience under her belt from working for years in wine business and advertising. A mama after our own hearts around here! Like you and me, Kate became aware of the harmful chemicals her little ones were exposed to by drinking from plastic cups and she set out to make a difference by providing a cute and practical alternative for kiddos 3 and over.

What makes The Kupp’ safe?

Good question! There’s a lot actually!

  • The glass is made from soda-lime so it’s lead and cadmium free
  • The silicone sleeve is medical and food grade silicone so it’s BPA and BPS free  – one of our FAVORITE safe feeding options is silicone.
  • Really, you won’t find a higher-quality eco-friendly cup for children out there. Of course we know because we looked…

 Won’t it break?

Nope – well not for us at least! Sure, if you have a cup-thrower on your hands a glass cup with a silicone sleeve won’t be the right choice for you right now. If you chose a glass bottle with silicone sleeve as your feeding option in the early months/years you’ll already know that the fear of the littles breaking the glass is less likely than you worried it could be. I’ve had questions about cleaning The Kupp’ and if the silicone sleeve needs to be removed or not – the sleeve fits snug and it stays on through washing! There is a little room at the bottom where water easily air-dries between the glass and sleeve.

What else do we love about The Kupp’?

I could go on and on…

  • It’s adorable – I want one in all the colors! The color options allow you to color coordinate to further help your children help themselves. They can easily clean it at the sink or load it into the dishwasher
  • Inspired by the kiddos and made by mom – we love that Kate saw an issue and designed a eco-friendly and safe alternative that helps you on your quest to say GOODBYE to plastic
  • Exclusively designed for little hands – here is a picture of how my son first held the Kupp’ when he started out


Think The Kupp’ might be right for you? The Kupp’ is available on line and at many local retailers!