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Trash, Recycle and….Wash?

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Trash, Recycle, Wash

Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s most kitchens were only equipped with the typical ol’ trash cans, well, unless you were a “hippy”.  What ever didn’t get eaten was thrown into one receptacle and taken to the local dump to be buried for all eternity. Hippies rejoiced everywhere when just a few short years later the waste industry revolutionized how they collected our trash. Goodbye to the physical labor of picking up trash cans and dumping them in the back of a truck to trash cans on WHEELS (why did it take so long for that to be invented) to be picked up by a mechanical arm.  Then another can was implemented. A blue can. That said RECYCLING! Now, we kinda recycled a little before the roll out of recycling bins.  We would save our cans, water bottles (I know) and newspapers and I would take them to the local community college recycling center to cash out for a few bucks here and there.  So now, everyone had to change how they organized their trash within their homes.  I remember there being a lot of push back and people complaining about the inconvenience of it all.  Who knew recycling would become so mainstream and an obvious no-brainer!

Flash forward 15 years and almost EVERYONE has a recycle bin in their kitchen.  If you’re reading this and don’t have a recycling system in your home, here’s your chance to make a baby step towards living a little greener.  You’ll sleep a little better at night knowing you’ve contributed to saving our planet from darkness and despair. Remember the Dinosaur’s? They didn’t recycle……

Now I gotta a new challenge for ya…add a “Wash” receptacle to your regime of collecting waste.  Do away with paper napkins and paper towels and lower your carbon footprint! Now, I’m not gonna lie.  I have a roll of paper towels sitting on my kitchen counter too.  There’s just some messes that require a disposable method of cleaning.  But for everything else, find yourself a functional set of washable napkins and hand and dish towels for EVERYDAY use.  You’ll be amazed at how long a roll of paper towels will sit on your counter after you make the switch!  We just use a set of terry cloth washcloths for everyday napkin use.  Nothing fancy.  And I have a set of microfiber dish and hand towels that clean/dry any mess in a hot second!


I guess I need a bigger “wash” receptacle!