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Top 10 Practical and Green Mother’s Day Gifts (… we actually want!)

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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

We LOVE handmade and home-made Mother’s Day gifts. We adore getting some “me” time when the calendar hits any special day that spotlights how hard we work and how much we give in our role as Mama/Mommy/Mom. And of course, who doesn’t love a sweet, heart-felt, thoughtfully purchased gift. Jewelry is wonderful! Actually, one of my favorite gifts hits two marks – a pair of turquoise beaded earrings hand-made by my cute then-3-year-old son. But sometimes it’s great to get a practical gift that’s something you want and will use for years to come. If you’re interested in sending out a hint that’s along the lines these lines, check out Green Mom Company’s top ten practical and eco-friendly ideas for Mother’s Day – full of sustainable, useful, and/or eco-friendly items that will be used, reused, shared, and enjoyed!

1. An Essential Oil Diffuser

Since the use of Essential Oils has become more and more popular there is now a huge selection of EO Diffusers on the market!  I’ve tried a couple from $15 Heat Diffusers to $100 Nebulizing Diffusers and I have to admit, even though my little Aromashell rocked, I have a really deep bond with my YL Nebulizing Diffuser!  Now, since I know that not everyone has a $100+ to drop, I have also found a love for this little affordable gem, the Sanyo Humidifier Diffuser.  It has all the features that I love about my YL Diffuser (timer, night light and mist) but for a quarter of the cost!  I use this little guy in my son’s room for “relaxing time” and he really enjoys the different colors for a night light.  With all the money you save from getting the Sanyo Diffuser, you can get a bundle of your favorite Essential Oils to diffuse!

GMC EO Diffuser2. Our Own Tool Kit

I have two of these, a pink hard shelled kit upstairs and a purple soft bag in the garage. I happen to love those color’s but if you feelthey are too stereotypical or just aren’t your style, there are a lot of colors to chose from. Why color? For me, personally, it acts as an anti-theft property… Turns out no matter how much he needs a hammer, my husband is more likely to hunt down his old plain one than to pilfer (and routinely misplace) my purple one. Funny how that works. Anyway, I love having my own tool kit because I like to know where my tools are so I can find, use, and replace them quickly. If you’re like me (Sarah), you’re all over this… If you’re like Lelaina and the tools in the garage belong to YOU, bookmark this one for Father’s Day and get Dad a tool kit of HIS very own…

                    Apollo Pink Tool Kit     The Orginal Tool Kit Bag

3. A Fresh Set of Eco-Friendly Make-up Brushes

If your make-up brushes are a little ragged and beyond revival with a simple soaking and cleaning routine, it may be time to invest in a new set. We love Eco-Tools not only for philosophy that drives the company, but for the quality of the product. I have, and love, this set – the bristles are soft, apply evenly and last a long time.

GMC EcoTools Brush Set

4. A New Quick Drying Eco-Friendly Hair Bush

Yeah, I know we mentioned we love Eco-Tools! But this is not a gratuitous you-need-a-brush-buy-this-brush suggestion… This brush is AWESOME! It says it cuts down drying time by 20%, and though I haven’t timed it, I can say it dries and styles my hair in noticeably less time. The gift of styled hair with time to spare? What busy mama wouldn’t love that?!  GMC EcoTools Smoother Brush5. Amber Glass Bottle Starter Kit

An expert with EOs? Just starting to dabble and want to try your hand at some blends to apply topically or spray in the room? From novice to expert, amber glass bottles are a great addition to any Essential Oil kit. To avoid deterioration and protect the aromatic and therapeutic properties of your EOs and blends, choose a dark glass like the amber in this starter kit.Amber Glass Bottle Starter Kit6. Fashionable Reusable Bags

My top pick for grocery bags are the Envirosax! I have been using these for over 10 years now and I still have all my original bags. I actually fell in love right away.  I know reusable grocery bags don’t seem like that much of a glamorous Mama’s Day gift but we all have to do the deed of grocery shopping so we might as well look fashionable while doing it!GMC Envirosax Anastasia7. Baltic Amber Bracelet

Jewelry that can help relieve wrist pain? Double whammy! If you’re not familiar with the benefits of Baltic Amber jewelry (for baby’s teething pain and mama’s wrist pain), take a peek at our write up from last November on using Baltic Amber for mama’s pain – We’re pretty sure you’ll love the look and benefits of wearing beautiful and functional Baltic Amber as much as we do!

GMC Baltic Amber Bracelet 8. Mother’s Day Mini Photog Session

Let’s face it, we wouldn’t be celebrating Mother’s Day if we didn’t have the little (or big) loves in our lives.  A Mommy and Me mini photog session is a great way to create memories that will last a lifetime!  Mini photog sessions are super affordable 30 minutes sessions that include a few digital images for you to print yourself.  Support a local businesses by checking with your local photographers or boutiques for pricing.

Mother's Day Mini Session

9. A Way to Wear all the Babies!!

Babywearing has really turned mainstream the past few years.  Not only does a carrier or wrap serve as a functional piece of baby gear, but it has also become a coveted fashion statement!  For those of you that never really got into the handbag obsession, BEWARE!  Whether you’re in it for some hands-free time, sleepy dust, nursing on the go, or just like the convenience of not lugging around a stroller, there is a baby-wearing style to suit your needs.  We love both our Ergo and Tula.  Dad prefers the Ergo for it’s simple design and I prefer my Tula for the stylish pattern!Standard_blue_chevron_large

10. A Cure for Dry Skin and Achy Muscles

Us mama’s work hard day in and day out! Picking up clingy toddlers and countless toys throughout the day, cleaning, diaper changes, midnight feedings, making meals, laundry, building forts, scrubbing floors….do I need to go on?  And most of that’s done before our morning coffee!  By the time we get to lay down and relax for the night (does not apply to mom’s of newborns) our muscles don’t know what to make of it all!  I could be the only one, but my right-when-I-get-into-bed routine is to lather up on some Ultimate Strength Hand Salve by Kiehl’s and put on a layer of Elemis Sp@home Instant Refreshing Gel to calm those achy muscles!  If you don’t have time or know how to make your own, these two products are a great option made from naturally derived ingredients.

               Kiehl's Hand Salve     Elemis Refreshing Gel

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