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Tomato-less Marinara Sauce

Tomato and Nightshade free marinara sauce to help you reduce inflammation and eat clean.
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Tomato-free Marinara


We’ve  mentioned a bunch of times how we like to eat “Plan Friendly” for overall health, and for me in particular the testing phase of The Lyn-Genet Recitas Plan showed tomatoes and other nightshades to be very reactive to my system. But what’s an Italian girl to do when she just wants a good ol’ bowl of pasta (okay, more like a bowl of Zoodles these days, but still…)? Well, one thing The Plan Cookbook taught me is there are 100s of ways to make healthy and “friendly” switches and still enjoy my favorites heart-burn and weight-gain free!

Inspired, I’ve scoured both this cookbook and the Internet for such replacements. My favorite, SIMPLE, recipe for tomato-less and nightshade free marinara sauce comes from because it incorporates low-reactive ingredients that I’ve tested and know to be friendly to my system (which is saying a lot since I’m a pretty delicate flower). So I think it’s delicious, but sometimes my vegetarian-low-reactivity-replacement-happy palate is easier to fool than others. But when my omnivore-with-a-harder-palate-to-fool husband loved it I knew we had a keeper on our hands.

Tips & Changes:

  • Since cooking with coconut oil is questionable for me, I replaced it in the recipe with olive oil.
  • I doubled the amount of beets (1 medium is called for, I used 2).
  • To season I used an Italian Blend; the recipe calls for you to season to your taste and I added just a touch extra at the last minute and I’m glad I did – I recommend really seasoning it up!
  • Following the recipe (with the additional beet) yielded about 2 standard sizes jars. Put one in the fridge and use within a week, the other in the freezer and use within a month!

Want to try the recipe yourself? Check out this recipe for TOMATO-LESS MARINARA SAUCE from and make up a couple jars today!

Tomato-less Marinara


Want to know more about eating what’s right for your body? Check out The Lyn-Genet Recitas Plan website for more information!

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