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Toddler and Family Safe Toothpaste

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Toddler and Family Safe Toothpaste

When dental care (tooth care) arose for our toddler I, of course, started to look at the ingredients that came in baby/toddler toothpaste. To my not surprise, there was a lot of extra crap-ola in there that wasn’t necessary, ESPECIALLY for a baby that would most likely end up swallowing it all. So I hit the world wide web and began researching my options! Everything from fluoride is the devil, making your own toothpaste and oil pulling. Not all baby related but that’s what the Internet does…it sucks you in! I basically needed a fluoride free solution with out a bunch of junk in it, like bubble gum flavoring, for my toddler so it got me on an Oral Health Care tangent for our whole family.

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But I needed a fluoride-free, chemical-free and junky flavor-free toothpaste for my toddler sooner than later and I wasn’t ready to explore homemade toothpastes to test on my baby. And that’s when I came across Earthpaste! It was highly recommended in the crunchy community and all the ingredients are natural and safe to swallow. My only concern was the use of essential oils on a toddler under 6 but they have a lemon flavor that is perfectly suited for kiddo’s under 3! The kid has been using it for over 3 years now and so far so good and HE LOVES IT! Now, if you’re from California, when you do your research you’ll see that they have a Prop 65 Warning on their packaging, which isn’t comforting at all. I recommend that you read what they have to say directly from their website in order to understand where they are coming from. I feel confident in their statement and understand why they choose to add the warning even though they don’t have to.

 It’s totally understandable to not want all that junk in our toddler’s toothpaste but just because us adults know not to swallow our toothpaste, why should we be using a product that contains all these chemicals, artificial flavors and foaming agents? Well, we don’t have to. It’s just what we’ve become accustom to I guess.

*Now I’m not here to get in a debate over fluoride use. I know some people just have the short end of the stick when it comes to healthy teeth and they need every bit of help they can get.*

But after much research and my dentist telling me I would be crazy to not use regular toothpaste, I decided to go the fluoride free and chemical free route. After all, they don’t recommend it for the kiddo’s due to swallowing so I’d thought I’d see what happens if I did without! It’s been over a year and my teeth and gums are actually healthier!   It really doesn’t have anything to do with going fluoride-free but the good news is that not using fluoride hasn’t resulted in worsening of my dental health.

Overall, I’ve had a pretty good repore with my teeth. No major issues, just teeth sensitivity from almost all toothpastes having a whitening agent in them and my gums were pretty much “fair” from not flossing every day. Like, who does that?? I have been using Sensodyne (Non-Whitening) for years due to the sensitivities with no problems but I was ready to cut the chemicals out.

Since the Earthpaste toothpaste can get a little pricey for a family of three, I decided to attempt to make my own Bentonite Clay toothpaste. And to my surprise, it’s been working out really well for us! No cavities at our bi-annual check-ups and the dentist was even impressed at how healthy my gums looked and was glad that I had started flossing everyday (which I hadn’t)! I didn’t tell him about the switch because I didn’t want the slack over it but I was pretty excited about the good report card!

Check out our post on how to make your own Bentonite Clay Toothpaste from our easy recipe at Mud Mouth!

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