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Stainless Steel Bottle / Sippy / Straw Cup Review

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We have always loved using stainless steel water bottles for ourselves and now for our preschoolers but we needed a reason to test out some of the more recent baby and toddler options while Lelaina’s little girl was still bakin’ in the oven. We recruited one of our favorite littles, Mila (affectionately known as “Mohawk Mila” by my son due to the way her baby hair magically grew out in a natural rockin’ mohawk), to test out the Pura Kiki Sippy Bottle. We loved it for being 100% plastic free and made from stainless steel and medical grade silicone – a great combo for safe and healthy feeding. It’s cute, easy to clean, and converts from bottle to sippy to straw cup with different silicone tops.


Mila was already using the Pura Kiki baby bottle and she took right to the sippy version. We had heard some thoughts from parents that the stainless steel gets too cold when used as sippy cup with chilled liquids in it, so one thing we wanted to know right away was if this bothered Mila’s little paws at all? Her mama reported it didn’t seem to be an issue for her, but she also liked using the cute silicone sleeves made for the bottles, so this made it completely a non issue. Pura just released an insulated bottle that will keep liquids warm or cool for up to 6 hours while not bothering little hands – pretty cool new upgrade! Overall, Mila and her mama really liked using the Pura Kiki as both a baby bottle and sippy cup option and would recommend it to friends and family with small kiddos. She now has the silicone straw top and will use it as a straw cup as she transitions to that stage.


Always open to safe and green products, along the way Mila’s savvy mama came across another option she found herself choosing more and more often. From ThinkBaby, the Thinkster of Steel is more consistently her go-to straw cup. Also a safe feeding option using stainless steel and medical grade silicone, this cup is BPA, phthalate, nitrosamine, lead, PVC, and PET free. ThinkBaby also offers products that grow from bottle to sippy to straw cup, and while Mila enjoys using it her mama finds it easy to clean and travel with.


It’s really so exciting to see more and more eco-friendly and safe feeding choices become easily available! It can come down to personal preference between two really awesome choices, or other sometimes there is a clear advantage to one over the other. We are excited that both of these options are on the market and alternatives to both plastic and single-use feeding items are more easily available than ever before!


Love Pura or ThinkBaby products? Have a bottle/sippy/straw cup you absolutely love? Share your opinions with us in the comments below!

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