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Sili Squeeze Video Review
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Sili Squeeze Video Review

A reusable food pouch
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At Green Mom Company we are true believers in easy green solutions. We always get super excited when we stumble on great products that are economical (even in the long run), non-toxic and make life a heck-of-a-lot easier!

The Sili-Squeeze is a great reusable alternative to those traditional food pouches found at the grocery store. The Sili-Squeeze is made from food grade silicon which is great for withstanding the destructive tendencies of toddlers and it also means is 100% TOXIN FREE!

We LOVE the Sili Squeeze because it makes eating on the go a breeze and essentially mess free with the spill proof spout. The wide-open mouth lets us fill hassle free, whether it is one of our homemade smoothies or readymade applesauce from a container. It comes in 3 sizes: 2oz, 4oz and 6oz. Personally, we use the 6oz the most since we mostly do smoothies and then use the 4oz for applesauce.

We like whipping up our cheater smoothies in the Magic Bullet using a pre-made natural smoothing mix or juice. Add a banana and some yogurt and voila! You have healthy fresh snack for your toddler!

The Sili Squeeze is also great for:

  • Children with allergies. You know for sure what the ingredients are! Whether it’s a peanut or preservative allergy, Sili Squeeze gives you the control of what to put there.
  • Children with special needs feeding. The Sili Squeeze allows for easy feeding for children and even adults that are not able to handle solid foods.

This god’s gift to green moms is totally worth the upfront cost. Price ranges from $10-$15 depending on the size. Based on $1.50 per traditional food pouch this product will make it self worth it in less than a month! Plus, you will know EXACTLY what ingredients are going into your child’s food pouch.

The only differences between the Sili Squeeze and the Sili Squeeze with Eeze is that the Eeze is more like the traditional food pouches where it isn’t spill/squeeze proof.  These are great for older toddlers that have more control over their super human ability to squeeze the nonsense out of everything.

You can purchase Sili-Squeeze directly from their website at or if you’re an Amazon Guru you can purchase via the images below:

                 Sili Squeeze GMC             Sili Squeeze Eeze GMC

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