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A while back a friend sent me a link to an Amazon review on a Menstrual Cup. To this day it’s still probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever read!  The majority of the hilarity came from the fact that a product like this actually existed! I had never heard or seen anything like it and the concept of “collecting my pan drippings” was far beyond anything I wanted to be a part of. ew, Ew and EW! “Cups are for drink’n! Preferably with wine in it!” we joked. Well, flash forward 3 years and….uh, er…curiosity got the best of me and I had to try it! Before I made the plunge (giggle), I started to hear about it more and more from other crunchy mama type sites. What really pushed me over edge to give it a shot was a review that Dirty Diaper Laundry did.  I used her as a resource for my cloth diapering needs and since her last little was on the cusp of potty training she moved on to another “green” adventure…Reusable Fem-Care.  She coined herself as ”the Vagangelist”. I was secretly embarrassed but grateful for her willingness to put her and her uterus out there to educate and spread the gospel of reusable feminine hygiene products.

Talk’n about your lady parts and all that comes with it (or out) has to be the most awkward and avoided conversation known to the human race. Well….until you have a baby, and then, for some reason vagina talk becomes almost second nature.

I know some of you may have never fathomed “going green” with your period. Up until I read that Amazon post, I never even knew there were alternatives to pads and tampoons (pronounced tam-poons, because I’m immature like that).  Now, why even bother taking your period to a greener level? It’s already obvious the amount of waste it generates so I won’t even focus on that part.  But more importantly, it’s about eliminating the toxins that are going into our bodies and disrupting our natural PH levels causing more infections and overall uncomfortableness when it’s that time of the month.

So here you go…Menstrual Cups, Mama Cloths and now PERIOD PANTIES!!

The Menstrual Cup

 Why choose a menstrual Cup?

  • They are REUSABLE so no waste therefore you are not contributing to the landfill.
  • 100% SAFE! No chance of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).
  • They hold more “pan drippings” (flow) than any pad or tampon.
  • They only need to be changed every 8-12 hours!!
  • Super COMFORTABLE – You will for real forget it’s in there.
  • You will SAVE beaucoup bucks since you only have to buy ONE every few years or so.

When researching menstrual cups, what intrigued me the most were the claims of cramping and queasiness subsided when they switched to “the cup”.  I was like “Whaaaat?!? You mean that’s not just a normal side effect of that time of the month??” Obviously some cramps are normal due to PMS (Pre-Menstrual Symptoms not Syndrome) but not all that normal when Aunt Flow actually arrived.  If I had a chance of eliminating the cramps and queasiness I was ready to jump on board!

At the time of my research, there were only a few brands on the market which made my selection process much easier. Now you can find a plethora of options out there from different styles and colors.  Cause you know girls, we gotta have options!  My two choices were the Luna Cup and the Diva Cup.  I chose the Diva Cup purely because they had seemed more popular with the ladies and well, they were on Amazon Prime. Sold!

Now, I’m not gonna make it all sound like rainbows and unicorns if you switch to using a Menstrual Cup.  There is a learning curve, at least for me there was, and it’s something where you, um….gotta be willing to get your hands dirty. * insert awkward face * I highly recommend checking out for a thorough (and humorous) low down on everything menstrual cup!


 Mama Cloth

I’ve heard of Mama Cloth before but the thought of having to wash pads was a “oh hell no” (and I cloth diaper) for me and plus I wasn’t a huge fan of disposable pads in the first place, so I knew that wouldn’t be a viable option for me. I would always use panty liners though since I’m not a very big risk taker so I figured I could at least handle that. So far so good and a lot more comfortable than the disposables. And just like shoe’s, Mama Clothes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors because you know, girls love variety!

 Why choose Mama Cloth?

  • Again, they are REUSABLE so no waste therefore you are not contributing to the landfill.
  • Just like the disposables, they come in a variety of absorbency and lengths.
  • So many patterns and colors to choose from even your period will be happier.
  • Cotton feels way better down under than disposables.
  • You’ll never have to run out in the middle of the night to buy pads.
  • You will SAVE some dough since you can wash, re-wash and wash over and over!

Reusable-Pads   Buncha-Farmers-Stain-Stick

Period Panties!?!

We’ve all heard the term “period panties” before and I’m sure we all own a stylish set of our go-to “time of the month” undies but there’s a new definition to Period Panties that are taking the market by storm. These period panties like these ones from Lunapads and Thinx are absorbent panties you wear in lieu using a tampon or pad. You just wear the undies!  And apparently you don’t have the change them all. day. long!  Seems hard to believe that these actually work and that they absorb enough to be worn all day long.  I’m still a little skeptical at giving these a whirl but most everyone that has tried them love them!

Why choose Period Panties?

  • They come in a variety of absorbency and shapes, even a thong!
  • Cotton feels way better down under than disposables.
  • Good back up (insurance) to go with your menstrual cup.
  • You will SAVE some dough since you can wash, re-wash and wash over and over!


So there you have it! Three Eco options that will revolutionize your period! And I’ll leave this here just in case you’re in the mood for some period humor….

***(WARNING: Adult Language)***

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