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Oh Planet Box! Oh how I love thee. First off, PlanetBox is not just for kids! This gem has pumped life back into our family lunches and has been going strong since!

Now, before you look at the price tag and have a heart attack, hear me out. This product is definitely more of an investment, especially if you have to buy more than one! We bought our first at a time when it was “tighten the bootstraps” time so I made sure to do a lot of research before I took the plunge. I wanted to get a functional way to pack my toddlers lunch without sending him off with a bunch of pre-packaged items that would create a lot of waste. Not to mention he would have to depend on his teachers to prep his lunch for him by opening up all those packages. A friend of mine SWORE by her toddlers PlanetBox! I was hesitant to drop the funds for it but I joined their FaceBook page and saw that they were having a “Back to School” promotion so I went for it and I AM SO GLAD WE DID!

I had debated on which one to get. My friend used the Rover for her preschooler. She loves it because it lets her pack a variety of different snacks for him as well as a bigger compartment for a Sammy. I really wanted to get that one too but I just couldn’t justify dropping $60 for something that my kid’s school lunch was going in. And what if it didn’t work out?? After much research and checking out blogs I opted for the Shuttle Complete Set at $40 plus the back-to-school discount.

Let me just tell you, I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT! I know that you’re thinking, “why not just get a cheaper bento box?” Well, most bento boxes are plastic. Even though BPA Free, I wanted to steer clear of using plastic because I know they just wouldn’t hold up to the wear and tear a toddler can dish out.   Other metal bento styles that I looked at were complicated to open (for a toddler) and had too many parts. The simplicity of the PlanetBox is what reeled me in. One latch in the front that is toddler friendly to open and close and one small interior container that opens easily. The PlanetBox gives my toddler the freedom and independence to help himself to lunch with out the aid of his teachers. And the best part…THERE’S NO WASTE!

Check out how I pack my PlanetBox Shuttle. Even though there is only two compartments my little guy still gets quite a bit of variety.

Tip: Use a silicon cupcake liner to create another compartment.

 Left Compartment: Fresh Fruit Medley, Right Compartment: Greek Yogurt, Veggie Medley, Goat Cheese and Strawberry Spread.

Interior Compartment comes with a leak proof lid.

Insert ice pack and reusable utensil.  I found these ice packs here.

Planet Box Duo

      Utensil fits perfectly on top

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