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Mud Mouth: DIY Bentonite Clay Toothpaste

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Since my journey of looking for a chemical free toddler safe toothpaste, I have accumulated so much information on the ins & outs of natural oral care. Who knew that one can obsess so extensively over ones mouth! I’ve always been pretty good at taking care of my teeth, even though I rarely floss (shhhhh!), but I didn’t know good oral health went so much farther than just brushing your teeth…and flossing.  For example, Oil pulling, has been known to reverse minor cavity damage, whiten teeth and potentially prevent certain types of mouth cancers. I’ll share my oil-pulling journey with y’all later. My immediate concern with oral care was being aware of all the chemicals and artificial ingredients that were in my family’s toothpaste. After researching for my toddler I’ve decided to turn this whole family’s oral care regime O’ Naturale!

We started off buying Earthpaste for our toddler (see post here) and then we started using Earthpaste ourselves, and we LOVE IT!  But not only do I like to be “green”, I also like to save the “green” so I decided to go the more economical route and make our own!  Our toddler still uses the Earthpaste Lemon Twist and when we travel or are between homemade batches, we use the Earthpaste Wintergreen.

I’ve tried a few different recipes with a few tweaks here and there to get the consistency and flavor that we both like. These measurement provide about a 4 week supply for two people.  Be sure to give a little taste after blending so you can adjust accordingly.  At first I thought this stuff was super potent since I was used to traditional toothpaste but I’ve come to like the salty sweetness of this recipe.

Bentonite Clay based Toothpaste:

1/2 Cup of Redmond’s Natural Bentonite Clay

1/2 tsp. of Real Salt’s Fine Sea Salt

2/3 Cup of Boiling Water (Don’t dump it all in at once)

Approx. 30 Drops of Liquid Stevia (you may like it more or less sweet)

10 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oil and 10 Drops of Spearmint Essential Oil (Kid Safe) or Approx. 20 Drops of one EO of your liking.

8 Drops of Tea Tree Oil (Kid Safe)

Storage Container of your choice

Step 1:

ADD the dry ingredients (Bentonite Clay and Sea Salt) into a medium mixing bowl.


 Step 2:

ADD about HALF of the boiling water and MIX with a hand mixer.  ADD the second half of boiling water as you go to get the desired consistency.  I like to make mine a touch runny since it tends to dry over time.  But still goopy enough so it will stick to your tooth brush.


 Step 3:

If your mixer is like mine and doesn’t work all the lumps out, I take a “Child Cheater” and work out the lumps until mostly SMOOTH.


 Step 4:

ADD in the Stevia, Tea Tree Oil and Essential Oils of your choice.


Step 5:

MIX using your hand mixer.


Step 6:

Give it TASTE to determine if you need to add any more Stevia for sweetness or EO’s for flavor.  When I did my first batch I actually had to add a touch more salt because I thought it was too sweet!

Step 7:

Use a child cheater to scrape all the goodness from the mixer and sides of bowl.  Smooth out any remaining lumps.  This is about the consistency you want to shoot for.  Not too firm but still has enough texture to hold onto the toothbrush.


Step 8:

ADD your homemade mixture to the container of your choice!  And VOILA!  YOUR DONE!!


Congratulations on making your first batch of homemade Bentonite Clay Toothpaste!  It’s a super easy recipe and only takes about 15 minutes to make.  The total cost of this DIY project is about $40 and has so far lasted about 4 batches (4 month supply).  The only thing that I need to replenish is the Bentonite Clay since I still have more than enough of the other ingredients to make at least 8 more batches.  So for a year’s worth of toothpaste it’s about $60.  That might be a bit more than the traditional route but you KNOW EXACTLY what’s in your toothpaste and your oral health will thank you!

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