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Morn’n Moonshine

Moonshine, White Light’n and the Hooch should all be brand names for coffee because sometimes…most of the time, a good ol’ cup a joe just doesn’t cut it!
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Moonshine, White Light’n and the Hooch should all be brand names for coffee because sometimes…most of the time, a good ol’ cup a joe just doesn’t cut it! I was never really a coffee drinker until I had a child. The ability to be somewhat functional at any hour of the night or day just doesn’t happen on the pure joy and happiness of living with a toddler. It. Just. Doesn’t.

Even though there is a Starbucks at every corner these days it’s just not that convenient to get dressed (notice I didn’t say presentable), dress a toddler and head out the door at Oh, let’s say 6am. Now I know I can just fire up the coffee pot and brew some goodness but I’m a bit more high maintenance than that, and I know there are others out there like me. You know who you are! You iced coffee fanatics!! Hi, my name is Lelaina and I am an Iced Mocha addict!

If you can relate to any of the above…I would like to introduce you to Morn’n Moonshine!! This stuff should be just as illegal as the back woods Kentucky variety but we’ll just keep it to ourselves. I find that cold brewing my own coffee turns out way more potent than brewing and icing from a coffee pot. It isn’t instant gratification but it’s oh so worth the wait!

Here is how I cold distill my high-proof Morn’n Moonshine:

What you Need

• 32 ounce Mason Jars with Lids
• A large bag of coffee. (I use French Roast from Costco and grind it there)
• A measuring cup (I use a ¼ cup or ½ cup)
• Reusable Coffee Filter from your Coffee Pot
• Large Bowl
• Large Fine Mesh Strainer
• Small Fine Mesh Strainer

The Brewing Process takes about 10 minutes* or less. And the Straining Process takes about a 20 minutes*

*time estimation is based on toddler being self entertained. More time may be needed if toddler is glued to your hip.

The Brewing Process

1. Fill (4) 32-ounce Mason jars with (3) three cups of filtered water. Only 3 are shown because I still have one as back up in the fridge. You don’t want to run out you know. Each jar gets me through about a week. But since my husband has discovered my stash I have had to up production.


2. Add 1 ¼ cup of ground coffee of your choice. I find it easier to use a ¼ cup measuring cup* to fill the jars easier. *Please make sure you’ve already had some coffee before measuring out. This requires the ability to count to 5, with a toddler tied to your leg. Trust me, it gets complicated.


3. If there’s room at the top, fill the rest with water.

4. Put the lids on securely and give em a good shake until they are well mixed.


5. Leave in refrigerator for at least 12 hours but not longer than 48. My average is about 24-36 hours but on occasion I have forgotten. If you wait a week they can grow mold. Ew!

The Straining Process

With anything good comes a little work. But I swear it’s worth it! Now, I’ve tried a few different ways to separate the goodness from the grounds, and to be honest, they are all a pain in the booty! But here is the easiest and least messiest way I prefer.

I use the coffee filter that comes with our coffee maker! You can also use cheesecloth, but I found it really messy and I don’t like to get my hands dirty. I’ve also tried disposable coffee filters and I would have to use 4-5 of them to get the job done and again, super messy and wasteful!

1. Double strain using a fine mesh strainer with the reusable coffee filter.


2. Pour cold brewed Morn’n Moonshine in the reusable coffee filter. Swish coffee around with spoon to keep grounds from clogging the filter.


3. Pour rest of coffee and grounds into filter. I use the back of a spoon to press down on the grounds to juice every little bit of liquid gold out.


4. Once strained, pour the Morn’n Moonshine back into the cleaned mason jar using a smaller strainer to strain out any little Moonshine mud.



Voila! You are DONE!!


Store your Morn’n Moonshine in the fridge for up to a month.  I have personally stored longer and have not had issues with spoiling.

Pour Morn’n Moonshine over ice and add your favorite creamer. Or check out my Iced Mocha recipe right here.