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Mopping with Microfiber
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Mopping with Microfiber

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I want to clean my floor. It’s a mix of tile and wood lament and covered in the debris that goes along with general traffic, preschooler play, and a large shedding dog. I want the floor not only to be clean, but also to look clean, and in the limited time I have to complete this task I’d like to find the preschooler’s lost Lego man (I’m sure it’s probably under the couch, but well past where I dare stick my hand). My goals aren’t too lofty, so why does this seem like such a tedious undertaking? I guess it’s because cleaning my floor generates thoughts of the elementary school janitor with his bucket of brown water and tentacle-like mop. Even the more recent memory of my mother mopping the black-and-white tiled floors in our childhood home with some spongey-and-squeesy apparatus and strong smelling cleaner gives me a shudder and makes me want to abandon the chore all together. But, alas, I must surrender since at this point I’m well beyond spot cleaning and have to find an easy solution that works with my busy Mom lifestyle.


Enter microfiber, an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean alternative to all of the nauseating options that line the isle of my favorite “get everything here and more” store. A microfiber mop has reusable pads with tiny little hooks to grab on to the yucky stuff. I can use a pad wet or dry, and no matter what kind of cleaning solution I choose (if any, I can just do a quick water-only mop for the fun stuff like spontaneous paw prints and art supply spills), I know my floors are getting clean because using the microfiber itself reduces bacteria by 99%! So here I go, armed with my microfiber mop pad attached and telescoping pole extended to the fullest- watch out little Lego man, I’m coming for you! (And the dust bunnies… and the petrified cereal… and that mystery spot…)

As far as what to do with the microfiber pad when it is finally “done” (like after washing 100 times…), I contacted my local city-wide recycling program and was told microfiber can be placed in my recycling bin with other textiles to be shredded up and reused. So is mopping with microfiber for you? Up to you!