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Moon Sand / Cloud Dough Simple Recipe
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Moon Sand / Cloud Dough Simple Recipe

Home Kid's Corner Moon Sand / Cloud Dough Simple Recipe

This warm Southern California winter afternoon has us feeling both grateful for the beautiful weather (it’s 83 degrees right now!) and dreaming of the white, fluffy snow our local mountains are less and less likely to see. We’re pulling out our stash of moon sand to get that fluffy fix sans snow, but this recipe also works well if you’re stuck inside due to having too much snow because you most likely already have the ingredients on hand, and while there is clean up involved it’s worth the fun you’ll have!

I’ve heard it called both Moon Sand and Cloud Dough, but whatever you call it this recipe gives you a fluffy sensory table (or tub) hit! We’ve had hours of fun and used it for truck and tractor play, dinosaur digs, and pretend cooking since it holds shape to a point. We’ve been playing with the same batch for 6 months now because I store it between play sessions in a large plastic zip bag in a cool, dry cabinet. I also like this particular recipe because it washes easily from hands and toys and wipes cleanly from surfaces. I have noticed my dog seems drawn to the smell and always tries for a taste so I suggest keeping an eye on pets when playing.


  • 9 Cups Flour
  • 1 ¼ Cup Baby Oil

Here are some pictures from a recent indoor play session – Small animals, paintbrushes, spoons, and measuring scoops (toward the end of play small dinosaurs were requested and added).

MoonSand1Simple sensory play with small animals

MoonSand2Molding sand with measuring scoops and fingers