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Kid Friendly Essential Oil Diffuser – Product Review

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Buglet Wrist DiffuserNow I know that these are technically used as a bug repellent tool but we really don’t have a mosquito problem here but I do love their concept and I have discovered an alternative use for them…an essential oil diffuser/inhaler! I’m in love with the bright colors, fun shapes and they are super kid-friendly to use. And can be worn on either the wrist or ankle. I’m usually diffusing something at home whether its Germ Destroyer to thwart off all those nasty viruses that make headway in the Fall or some Calm the Child for those “The Struggle is Real” days. But sometimes it would be nice to have more of a To-Go option without having to marinade your child in essential oils. Necklace diffusers are effective but it’s just a little too much “pretty” for boys. These gender neutral slap on style bracelets can be used on your child’s wrist or ankle and can be used with your favorite blend to pair with your child’s needs. I like adding Lavender or an Anti-Anxiety blend for when we go on long car rides; or some Calm the Child when we head to Disneyland for the day to bring that excitement level down a notch so mom can keep up! The possibilities are really endless!


Or if you just wanna keep the mosquito’s at bay, add some Citronella or Insect Shield for when you know you’ll be out on those long warm nights. You can also check out our DIY Essential Oil Bug Spray recipe for something with better coverage.

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