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Hullabaloo Children’s Music: Best of Hullabaloo Album Review
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Hullabaloo Children’s Music: Best of Hullabaloo Album Review

Home Kid's Corner Hullabaloo Children’s Music: Best of Hullabaloo Album Review

Hullabaloo is a band that makes fun music for children and parents with meaningful lyrics and catchy tunes. They describe themselves as making music for “Free-Range Organic Kid-Folk”, which really is a perfect summary. We are lucky to be semi-local to where they tour and get the opportunity to see a performance annually at our local community park. If you’re not in California or along the tour route, never fear, Hullabaloo‘s music is available for download on their website and iTunes – or if you prefer your music on CD, Amazon has some options.

So, why exactly do we love Hullabaloo around these parts? My son has always loved the songs since his first chance to boogie down at the concerts in the park.

Nowadays, Best of Hullabaloo is our go-to CD for glow-in-the-dark dance parties in the garage, lumbering around to Dinosaur in My Backyard and getting out the crazy wiggles to Ants in My Pants. For me as a new mama, it was love-at-first listen when I heard what continues to be my favorite kid’s song, Sippy Cup. With this hilarious and catchy chorus they summed up my early baby and toddler experience and spoke directly to my caffeine-craving brain –

Mommy’s got her grown up sippy cup

We go to Starbucks to fill it up

They put the lid on the top just like the one I use

I don’t know what they put inside

But it makes her eyeballs open wide

No thanks I think I’ll stick to apple juice

I still love that song, but it was especially perfect for that time in my life – not only did it sum up my need for caffeine in those early months, but it also let me know I wasn’t alone during a sometimes isolating time in a mom’s life… Here was a simple, clever song, sung from the point-of-veiw of a curious toddler that reminded me not only that other moms of young’ns were exhausted like me, but they were probably going through many of the other things I was, too. This album also has another of my favorites, Mama Llama, which is a sweet song from the point-of-view of a llama who is the mama to a baby named Cass… so sweet and fun and I know all you mama llamas out there won’t be able to help singing along when you hear it.

HBBlog3Nana enjoying some Hullabaloo in the park with the (very little) little man.

So, if you’re in the market for children’s music you don’t hate, with fun lyrics and meaningful messages, get some Hullabaloo music for your car/mp3 player/garage dance party/trip to grab an eye-opening coffee on the way to a playdate, and enjoy singing along with your little ones!


All songs mentioned in this post are available for single purchase, on their respective albums, or all together (plus many other of our family’s favorites) on Best of Hullabaloo.

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  • Donna says:

    I remember this concert! The children really enjoyed the music. Really entertaining!! We had a great time!!