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How to Get a Free Letter from Santa!

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Last year my son “wrote” a letter to Santa (in other words dictated to me what he wanted to say) and got a reply – FOR FREE! How, you say? Well, let me tell you! During the holiday season, the United States Postal Service runs a program called Letters to Santa through December 10th (letters have to reach the destination no later than that date) where they will send you back a letter with the North Pole postmark. We did it last year and not only did it work, but the experience added to the magic of the season.

Here’s What You Do:

  • YOU write a letter to your child, from/signed “Santa” – a response to their questions or requests, or like we did last year, a direct reply to a letter they are sending (see note at bottom of post for how we did that).
  • Place this letter into an envelope and seal it. Address it to your child, affix a stamp, and write “Santa Claus, The North Pole” as the return address.
  • Place THAT envelope into a larger envelop. Affix the appropriate postage needed and address the letter to :
      4141 POSTMARK DR
      ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998
  • If it is received by the 12/10/2015 deadline, the outer envelope will be opened and the letter YOU wrote as Santa will be postmarked from the North Pole (Alaska) and sent to your child. You can see from the picture, we received Santa’s reply on December 15th last year.

Last year the Christmas magic really came alive for my son pretty quickly after Thanksgiving. We visited Santa per his request to give his wish list – it was really fun to see him initiate the ritual instead of the forced please-I-really-want-a-picture interactions I had placed on him in the past (live and learn). The desire to write to Santa came from when he realized he missed relaying one of his wishes when they met.

If you celebrate Christmas and your children express a desire to write to Santa, this can be a really fun tradition to keep. I like this option out of all the ways to get a letter from Santa because you can instill your families particular values in this process – reinforce kindness, bravery, and learning over material things if that floats your boat! Last year the wishes were really material and specific, but as he grows and his understanding of the world changes he is saying things like “I’m going to ask Santa to get that [toy] for someone that doesn’t have that because I have one like it”. Love this kid – love this age! And I really REALLY love being in on the magic that the can holidays bring.

NOTE: When we did this last year, I wrote Santa’s reply to my son’s letter on the back of the original letter. I did this by sneakily opening up the letter after we sealed/prepared it to be sent, writing the Santa reply, sealing it up and sending to the North Pole Postmark address mentioned above. Santa mentioned in his letter it was “important to conserve paper” and I also think it made it that much cooler to believe that Santa received the letter, read it, and replied right then.

Letter to, and reply from, Santa