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How I Clean My Giant Mirror

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Cleaning My Mirror

I have a giant mirror in my living room that makes our small space seem much larger and guests constantly notice and compliment when visiting our home. In addition to that, it is also a source of amusement for my son, who stands on the couch cushions and makes faces at himself. With all that amusement comes constant smudges, fingerprints and faceprints – which for the most part are easily enough cleaned with a microfiber cloth and solution of water and vinegar (you can do equal parts of each or dilute more if you like – add a few drops of a fresh smelling essential oil such as a citrus, if you like) mixed in a spray bottle. The harder part used to be when the rest of the mirror started to gather dirt, dust, or smudges; turns out you cannot just clean the bottom half of a giant mirror that everyone notices when they walk into your home! Now I simply use the microfiber mop that I usually use to clean my floor, to clean the hard to reach top half all the way to the edges. I take the mop pad I use for dry dusting and run it over the mirror dry to remove dust and cobwebs. Then I spray the wet pad with glass cleaning solution and clean the entire mirror a few times over. I alternate between spraying directly on the mirror and wetting the microfiber pad, overall it just takes me a few minutes to complete the task.

Cleaning My Mirror