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Sarah and I had the great pleasure of attending the 2015 Bump Club and Beyond – Gearapalooza in Los Angeles earlier this month.  I found out about this event a couple years ago via The Baby Guy NYC and really wanted to attend but I really didn’t have a need to go, other than to stalk Jaime Grayson (Baby Guy NYC), since my son was just about to graduate toddlerhood.  When the 2015 schedule hit and I knew I was expecting I jumped on that bandwagon faster than I can open a screw top bottle of wine at 2 in the afternoon!  Remember, I have a 3 year old.

One of the main reasons I wanted to attend this event was to check out all the new fabulous baby goodies on the market, and boy was there a ton!  When I first entered the world of motherhood, I solely relied on the information that was given to me by Babies R Us.  Not that they did a horrible job, well….they just handed me a scanner and sent me on my way with no real education on why I should fork out the $3oo for a City Mini vs. the Baby Trend Stroller/Car Seat set for $150.  A few months down the line I discovered The Baby Guy NYC on Facebook and watched a couple of his stroller reviews.  That got me researching what other options were available and it was then that I realized I had legitimate reasons on why I hated my Baby Trend stroller so much. The Baby Guy really opened my eyes on RESEARCHING all things baby before I purchased.  Seems like a pretty basic concept but it turns out I wasn’t the only one that just shopped by price instead of quality and function.

I highly recommend attending one of these events if you are in the market for a car seat, stroller and/or baby carrier! These 3 items will last you through several kids and it’s really important to do the research and “invest” in the right one that suits your needs!  Jamie did a fabulous (hysterical) job at presenting and educating new moms on a wide array of baby gear!

Oh, and another reason to attend….CHECK OUT ALL THIS SWAG!!


If you don’t already follow The Baby Guy NYC on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, you need to head on over and add him.  He will help you through any parenting crisis one glass at a time….and maybe throw in a good product review here and there.  ;-)