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In our household we used to really struggle with eating all the fresh produce we brought home before it went bad. You wanna grab that healthy snack but it hasn’t been washed yet and you’re frantically searching for something you can throw at your toddler before havoc sets in. So, you reach for the package of Cheddar Bunnies before a meltdown breaks out! Anyone else have this problem? I know I can’t be alone?? We all have good intentions by buying healthier snack option but it just ends up being wasted money for it to all be devoured by mold!

I really had good intentions for my family to eat better but I had to force myself to get into a different routine to actually make it happen!   Food prep is never really that exciting but it really does help in the long run with not only being able to make healthier choices on the fly but also eating the food you’ve spent your hard earned money on! I’ve found that since I’ve gotten in the habit of doing food prep it has become so much easier and quicker. I’ve also learned to multi-task while performing my food prep.

 Why I wash my fruit:

Fruit may seem innocent and natural but a lot of toxins and grime can be hiding in your produce, even organic! Someone had to touch it to get it into the package and it’s not really known how it gets from point A to point B. So I just give them soak before we start devouring them.

I also find when I soak my fruit in vinegar that it lasts way longer than when I don’t.

 This is what I do:

1. I grab a couple size compatible bowls, a colander, my convenient spray bottle of straight up vinegar and my fruit that needs to be washed.


2. Fill bowls with fruit and spray straight up vinegar right onto fruit. I do about 3-4 sprays.


3. Fill bowls with cold water.


Now, this is where the multi-tasking comes in. I like to soak them for a bit. Usually about 10-15 minutes. I now have free time to a) go to the bathroom, b) attend to fussy toddler, c) go to the bathroom while attending to a needy toddler handing me toilet paper or d) sit for a moment while I sip on my Morn’n Moonshine Iced Mocha. Option “d” rarely happens. Sometimes my ADD/toddler gets the best of me and my fruit wash will sit there for over an hour. No big deal, I haven’t noticed a difference in the fruit.

4. Strain berries into colander and rinse thoroughly to remove O’ de Vinegar. I like to let them sit there for a bit and air dry. See above on how you can multi-task.

Fruit Wash Duo

5. Even though I air dried, I like to add a folded paper towel to the bottom of my containers to wick out any other moisture trapped in the container. I remove paper towel after a couple days to prevent ickiness.  Then store fruit in an airtight container to lengthen the shelf life just a little longer.

Fruit Wash Duo 2

Voila! You are all set and now have quick and easy access to freshly prepared fruit!