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Flat Stroller Tire at Disneyland? No Problem!
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Flat Stroller Tire at Disneyland? No Problem!

Tips to refill both stroller tires and water bottles on your next trip to Disneyland!
Home Kid's Corner Flat Stroller Tire at Disneyland? No Problem!

Our two latest-and-favorite tips for Disneyland day trips: What to do when your stroller gets a flat tire AND the best ways to keep your reusable water bottle filled at both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure on warm summer days!

Tip #1: Where to fill a Stroller Flat Tire at Disneyland
So, you’ve read our tips and watched our YouTube videos and you’re all packed up and ready for a fun and magical day – but after you’ve navigated parking and memorized your character level you pull out the stroller only to find IT HAS A FLAT TIRE! What? How did that happen? Well, it doesn’t matter because the mouse has your back! Do what you have to do to get to the park (we suggest minimally loading said stroller and getting on to the tram, even if you planned to walk in) and head on over to the stroller rental area! This area is located after you have gone through the initial security check, but before you get into the parks. Head toward the Disneyland Main entrance and veer right to where you would rent strollers – there will be a do it yourself air compressor style pump located at the fence near the round planter. So plant the kiddos in the shade and have them sit on the edge of the planter with a snack while you fill ‘er up! Not feeling air pump savvy or having a struggle? Never fear, you’re at the happiest place on earth and it’s easy to find a cast or security member ready to lend a hand! Done and done – get to rolling in to your fun-filled day.

Disneyland Fun!

Tip #2: Keeping your Water Bottle Filled at Both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure (DCA) Parks

If what I said above is true and you’ve followed our tips, then you’re all loaded up with your refillable water bottles! Now, how to keep them filled you ask? On hot days you can get ice water in cups at all the locations within both parks that serve food and drinks (even kiosks if they have a fountain drink machine). If you want to skip the cup completely at Disneyland you can get water at any self-serve fountain drink machine at no cost (we like Pizza Port in Tomorrowland best for this!) and also at the handy-dandy bottle filling fountain at the Baby Care Center on Main Street. If you’re in DCA the same applies for cups of ice water on hot days and to fill up your water bottles directly we like the easy access of the water and ice at the self-serve fountain drink machines Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta restaurant area located just beyond the Goofy’s Sky School ride.

Disneyland Fun!

There you are, our two latest favorites to keep you going all day long! Enjoy your trip(s) to the happiest place on earth with your family and friends!!

Disneyland Fun


And, hey, sometimes the tram is the best ride EVER!!

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