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ezpz Happy Mat for Mealtime Issues!
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ezpz Happy Mat for Mealtime Issues!

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We are so excited to have Michelle Lopez’s guest post on the blog this month – just in time for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day, March 21st 2015!  Michelle is a fun, busy mama of two with a new little one and an almost-3-year-old son with Down Syndrome, named Dylan.  Michelle’s outlook on the love that Down Syndrome has brought to her family is truly inspiring and heart warming.  Today she’s reviewing the ezpz Happy Mat from her point of view using it to address some of Dylan’s recent mealtime struggles. If you want to keep up with Michelle, Dylan, and the rest of the Lopez family you can follow her on her blog Confessions of Joy or on Instagram as @downwithdylan.

Several months ago I was complaining to Dylan’s occupational therapist about the fact he was throwing his food everywhere at meal times. I just could not figure out why it was so bad. I was so exhausted from picking up every little piece, every time he ate. I also was still giving him little pieces at a time because of his wonderful throwing habits. The next week when I dropped Dylan off for therapy his therapist showed me this amazing silicone mat called the ezpz Happy Mat. She has been using this mat for therapy sessions to work with the kids on being more independent eaters and not throwing their food.


The best thing about the ezpz Happy Mat is it has a suction on it so it sticks to the table. Now why could I not think of that? But I was thankful someone else did because I went home and ordered it right away! I was happy to see the mat is made from 100% FDA approved silicone, free from toxic BA/PVC/Phthalates. Not only is this mats safe for kiddos of all ages and with disabilities, but easy and convenient for us parents.

When we got our Happy Mat I was so excited to use it for Dylan’s first breakfast meal! He was so excited to see it and the loved the bright colors. Those features are great and appealing for kids, but for me as a mom I especially love:

– the individual wells that help make sure my kiddo is getting a balanced meal
– the deep edges, perfect for our messier meals
– suction to help keep the mat in place instead of tossed on the floor
– sturdiness allows me to stack and carry
– safe to clean in the dishwasher


I can definitely say the ezpz Happy Mat has been a huge hit in our home with Dylan as well as the hubby and myself. Meal times are successful, easier and cleaner thanks to our ezpz!

Click here to learn more about World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st, 2015.


I am a mother to a beautiful boy with an extra something special, who was born with Down Syndrome, and a beautiful baby girl who melts my heart everyday. I have the most amazing husband who I love and adore more then anything in the world, and I love nothing more than to spend every waking hour with them, as they make my day a brighter place. Coffee is my drink of choice and I love everything about life! I find myself looking deeper into the beauty of what life is all about, and reaching further to enjoy those special moments! Love Often, Love Hard and Love Always! For more from Michelle check out her blog Confessions of Joy

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