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Reusing Easter Egg Dyes
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This is probably one of our not-so-green moments but Easter just snuck up on me out of no where and being 6 months pregnant with the energy level of sloth I wasn’t about to boil up some fruit and vegetable dyes for our egg coloring festivities this year.  I actually had no shame in going the conventional route this time around but I did feel a little guilty about having all those colorful dyes go to waste after we were done coloring our dozen eggs.  So we took this opportunity to dye up some noodles for a future project.

Since it was a busy Easter Day of egg dying and hunting, I just canned all the dyes into separate mason jars.  At that point I had no idea what we were going to do with them but I couldn’t just dump all those pretty colors down the drain!  As they sat on the counter all week we reminisced over how much fun it was to color Easter eggs and talked about all the colors of the rainbow.  I took to Pinterest to see what activity we could possibly use all this leftover coloring for.  Our first ambitious choice was to color coffee filters and then make paper flowers out of them.  I really wish I kept the pictures of that hot mess to share with you!  I started to get a bit discouraged and my toddler was starting to get a bit impatient and bored and then I looked up on our fridge and saw an art project from pre-school with colored noodles.  LIKE DUH!  So basic and simple and easy for little hands to do!


I quickly took to the cupboard and managed to find some whole wheat pasta that constantly gets overlooked. See, healthy food comes in handy once in a while. ;-)  He had a blast all over again and this one time activity ended up turning into 3 separate activities!  The third is still yet to come but I’m thinking stringing necklaces (fine motor skills) and making a picture of some sorts.

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