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DIY Pallet Stage Part 1 – The Build
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DIY Pallet Stage Part 1 – The Build

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This isn’t your typical step-by-step DIY “how-to-build-it” guide. This post comes from a pallet stage my dad and husband made for our son’s co-op preschool. Though I am what’s considered the “working parent” at the school, in true co-op spirit members of our family got together to create something for the learning and enjoyment of the children. Since I didn’t build it I will not offer the step-by-step commentary, but instead provide pictures documenting the process as well as a shopping list with links for the supplies used (in Part 2 of this post).

This stage came out so sturdy the directer of the school suggested putting a plaque on it to commemorate the making of the stage, as it would be a creative play staple for many years to come.

We chose to make the stage from a pallet because the size was perfect for the space available in the room we were working with – but we also LOVE an opportunity to give new purpose to anything at all. Pallets are treated so invasive pest don’t travel along with the goods (in the wood), so we like to make sure ours are stamped with the “HT” that shows they were heat treated rather than fumigated with toxic chemicals.

Heat Treated Pallet

“HT” Stamp on a Heat Treated Pallet

When researching how to build the stage I found a lot of options for building a pallet stage with curtains, situated in a corner of a room with a simple curtain rod rigged in the 90° corner. We were not working with a corner and instead made a self contained stage with it’s own frame, rod, and curtains.

I’ll start with the images from the build – if you are most interested in the supply list please click here for Part 2 of this post.

Here’s how the team reinforced the pallet with 7/16″ strand board to make it safe to stand on, and built the frame out of 2″x 3″ stud for the curtain:

DIY Pallet Stage 2

DIY Pallet Stage 3

 DIY Pallet Stage 5

Close up pictures of how the corners were reinforced and the frame supported (See Part 2 for links to supplies used):

DIY Pallet Stage 6

DIY Pallet Stage 7

DIY Pallet Stage 8

DIY Pallet Stage 9

Preparing the stage for the carpet:

DIY Pallet Stage 10

The carpet was cut and applied by Papa then yours truly pained the frame white! After it dried the stage was delivered to the school  and the reinforcement beams were padded for safety:

DIY Pallet Stage 12

The finished product:

DIY Pallet Stage 13

DIY Pallet Stage 11

Ready to DIY it now? Check out part two of this post for the supplies we used! We hope these pictures inspired you to build your own pallet stage!