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DIY Cardboard Tidmouth Sheds

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DIY Tidmouth Sheds

They’re 2, they’re 4, they’re 6, they’re 8! Okay, there’s only 3 in my DIY repurposed cardboard version of Tidmouth Sheds from Thomas and Friends™, but it was really fun to build so I thought I’d share!

Even though my little engineer is 5 years-old and I thought he was past his “train stage”, Thomas and all things Sodor are having a really strong revival ’round these parts. I purchased most of our wooden railway items used and we have been gifted many TrackMaster and Take-and-play sets and we love these because they are well made, sturdy and will be gifted or sold when our family is done with them, but boy do these add up! Tidmouth Sheds is on his wish list and it seemed like we could use some supplies around the house and a little creative license to make our own while working on measuring, planning and painting. If you’re familiar with how we create with recyclable items (like our Simple Recycled Box Creation or Toilet Paper Roll and Shoe Box Toy Garage posts) then you’ll know this is a pretty loose “how-to”, no need to follow our step-by-step to the letter, and the outcome will not look pin-perfect, but absolutely like the kiddo lead the way. So this is  just a little inspiration to get your own creativity flowing and have your little builder saying “hey, I can do something like that, too!”


  • Cardboard that’s about to hit the recycle bin (we used an old baseball card box and a piece of a standard shipping box)
  • Tape
  • Wood glue
  • Paint and brushes
  • Decorations of your choice
  • We didn’t buy anything for this project so get creative with what you have!

DIY Tidmouth Sheds

Cardboard baseball card box worked perfect cut into thirds!

What We Did:

Together we measured and cut a cardboard baseball card box into thirds (since the folds were gone we used tape to secure each folded piece in place). This was a convenient sized box to repurpose for this project, but you could easily fold any scrap cardboard into the sheds. We used an additional piece of cardboard for a platform so we could arrange the sheds angled toward each other and used wood glue to secure them in place.

DIY Tidmouth Sheds

Applying pressure while to wood glue dries… SO glad these are getting some use!

After the wood glue dried we got to painting!

DIY Tidmouth Sheds

For some reason my son insisted they were supposed to be red, but I’m pretty sure they are yellow with green doors so there is that, but red is what we painted them!

DIY Tidmouth Sheds

It may be June in California, but it’s apparently Christmas on Sodor, so we had to decorate accordingly with some festive glitter pens. Last but not least we used some letter and number stickers to label our sheds to the trains that were to be housed here… We have 6 for Percy, 1 for Thomas, and 5 for James… We spelled “Tidmouth Sheds” together with other decals and of course last but not least, some random letters and numbers that mean something to my son but I have no idea what. More planning to do of course when it came to the track – Daddy’s idea was to paint some on, Sutton’s idea was to use TrackMaster tracks, my idea was to cut out a notch for wooden tracks to attach to – so many ways to go!

DIY Tidmouth Sheds

And there you have it! A really fun to make DIY repurposed cardboard Tidmoth Sheds, the pride of Sir Topham Sutton! Not sure you’re into it or maybe your little one is more of a D(on’t Wanna Do)IY’er? This one on Amazon looks like a pretty fun and well-priced Wood Track Train Garage (though I should note we used ours for TrackMaster, not wooden tracks).

DIY Tidmouth Sheds

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