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Disinfecting with Ionic Silver
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Disinfecting with Ionic Silver

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I first learned about silver as an anti-microbial when my husband returned from the emergency room with a piece of it in his toe. He cut his foot surfing earlier that day and the doctor treating him found the injury was not suitable for stitches and was susceptible to infection if left as it was. The small amount of medical grade silver was simply place in the wound, bandaged up, and did indeed keep it from getting infected.

This experience was in the back of my mind when I was introduced to the concept of using ionic silver for effective and greener household disinfecting. The molecule Silver dihydronate citrate (SDC), patented in Pure Bioscience Hard Surface Disinfectant kills many germs in just 30 seconds and provides residual protection long after. It was specifically formulated for use in hospitals and medical offices but is safe and gentle enough to use in the home on play surfaces and toys. Bleach is toxic, harsh, and even less effective – Pure Hard Surface Disinfectant kills MRSA (in 2 minutes!), Norovirus (in 60 seconds!), H1N1 (in 30 seconds!), and continues to protect for up to 24 hours!

The Pure Hard Surface label tells you the details of how to use the product, registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While the EPA does not currently have guidelines to measure “green” characteristics of a product, consider that it is made from naturally occurring silver ions and citric acid, and over 99% of it’s contents is composed of renewable raw materials with a manufacturing process that produces zero discharge, waste, or byproducts. I also love how it works! In addition to the silver ion killing the microbe, the hungry little bugger views SDC as a delicious snack – once inside the microbe the SDC stops it’s ability to replicate and kills it. Awesome.

I use love using Pure Hard Surface on toys and play areas to disinfect in my home. It’s not a cleaner, so if something is grimy I clean it before spraying it down. I wish it were around in my past life when I was working in childcare and clinic environments, I would have been all over it – Pure is the Hulk of disinfecting!

Hulk like Pure!!


  • Donna says:

    We have a chair that is a plastic toy car we use to cut children’s hair. We could use a product to wipe the car down after it is used. Would this be a product I could use in my salon?

    • Hi! YES! A plastic car salon chair is the perfect place to use Pure Hard Surface! After wiping down the car with an all-purpose cleaner of your choosing to remove smudges and debris, you can spray Pure Hard Surface on the areas most touched by little hands – many organisms are killed in 3 minutes (more about this on the label) and the car is protected for up to 24 hours from some of the yuckiest stuff! Pure Hard Surface is safe to use on surfaces that often come in contact with both children and even pets! You can purchase Pure Hard Surface here –

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