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Cleaning Sticky Silicone Bakeware
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Cleaning Sticky Silicone Bakeware

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It’s clear from our ezpz Happy Mat and Silisqueeze reviews, we love food-grade silicone as a feeding and mealtime solution because it’s free from toxic BA/PVC/Phthalates.  Food grade silicone had been tested for both hot and cold uses and has been deemed safe by private laboratories (not just the FDA), but since it’s relatively new for baking and could always be more rigorously tested, some people are wary to use it. As always, each to our own! If you do chose to use silicone bakeware or cooking mats, we suggest doing a bit of research and choosing a high quality product with no fillers – a “plastic-y” smell is likely from the fillers, not the silicone, and you should really expect only to smell the delicious food you are cooking! Personally, I bake with it from time to time when I have something to bake at 350 degrees (I have read the max heat to use silicone bakeware at is 428 degrees, but I like to stick to 350) and requires the size of the limited silicone bakeware I own. I was surprised that my silicone bakeware was not as non-stick as I had imagined it would be; the flexibility is nice for popping freshly baked items out, but I learned I needed to at least lightly grease it. With even a light greasing came a film of stickiness I could not ever completely remove with any amount of scrubbing or soaking.  That was until now… Until I unleashed the power of baking soda on it!

Here’s what I used -

  • My silicone bakeware
  • Baking soda
  • Microfiber drying mat
  • My everyday dishwashing liquid

Here’s what I did -

First I baked up some amazing Plan-friendly carrot cake (this stuff is DELICIOUS – you can find the recipe in The Plan Cookbook)



Oh man, check out the state of that bakeware! I told you I’d given up! So, after I baked the delicious carrot cake (I mean I don’t even like carrots and there are a ton of carrots and healthy stuff in there… Even the 4-year-old devoured it!). I washed my dishes and bakeware as usual. I used my same biodegradable dish washing liquid, nothing extra-strength or crazy. The same sticky spots remained.


Instead of drying I immediately added a couple spoonfuls of baking soda and rubbed it into a paste, paying special attention to the sticky spots.



Once I had all of those yucky sticky places covered with paste, I left it to dry – completely dry – which takes awhile. A few hours here on this beautiful warm spring day.


You can tell where the extra sticky filmy areas are in these pictures because it’s where I piled up the most of my baking soda/water paste. So the formula is rub it in all over, pile it on the trouble areas, let dry for a few hours while you enjoy that fantastic carrot cake and wonderful spring afternoon mentioned above.


Once the mixture has had a chance to dry on your silicone bakeware, get into spa mode and “exfoliate” the now dry paste onto the item for one last good scrubbing (speaking of “spa mode”, Mama needs a mani!), prior to washing again with warm water and your dish soap of choice.


The result surprised me – though a few stains remained, the sticky film was virtually eliminated! If you were proactive about cleaning up your silicone bakeware and didn’t wait goodness-knows-how-long like I did to address the sticky situation, you most likely have like-new silicone bakeware on your (manicured? Do you not have time for that either?) hands! I’ll definitely incorporate this into my cleaning routine every few bakes to get the silicone back into gleaming condition – meanwhile it looks and FEELS pretty darn good to me now!


Here is one option for high quality silicone bakeware if you’re an Amazon shopper/browser, as always research your options and trust in your ability to make the best choices for you, your family, and the environment!

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