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Benefits of Attending a Guided Meditation using Essential Oils
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Benefits of Attending a Guided Meditation using Essential Oils

Home Well-being Benefits of Attending a Guided Meditation using Essential Oils

Mama needed a moment… Like a REAL moment. I needed some time for just me, and not to go to the market or do laundry or compulsively straighten up the house (or to indulge in some reality TV), but to really focus on me. Locally we have a great book store that offers mind-body classes and workshops that I like to frequent and I came across a Meditation with Essential Oils class that appealed to me as just what I needed.

Why guided meditation?

Well, have you tried to meditate? I don’t know about you, but for me it’s not as easy as I thought it would be! Thoughts flood my mind and though I try to gently let them go, more often than not I end up wondering what the heck I’m doing and giving up to spend the time doing the tasks I mentioned above.  I find guided meditations to be more natural for me – if the laundry list of tasks start creeping into my mind (or, to be honest, the worry that comes to mama’s mind when all is quite and calm) I can more easily let go as my attention is directed back inward by the gentle narration of my guide. I have attended group guided meditations before and love the energy the group brings, but I also enjoy a good recorded meditation on CD, pod cast, or download.

What do essential oils bring to meditation?

The use of essential oils brought such a deeper experience during the meditation for me. While I love doing my own research on EOs and swapping recipes with friends, something both Lelaina and I value is getting information about how to use EOs from someone educated in the chemistry of the oils – certified in Aromatherapy and/or with a doctorate in health sciences, like the practitioner leading the meditation.

This particular meditation experience was facilitated with the guide’s calm and soothing voice and presence, a beautifully prepared guided meditation, her kit of EOs (and her vast knowledge of their properties), and her understanding of the acupuncture points to apply the oils that would enhance and deepen the experience. I was immediately on board when she energized me with Wild Orange essential oil* applied to just the right point, and she continued the experience by applying specific essential oils on specific and precise acupuncture points chosen to bring balance to mind and body.

My absolute favorite part was the end when she applied a balancing blend * to my ankles, and the woodsy calming scent enhanced my feeling of being grounded and connected to the world around me. We left with our own copy of the meditation and a list of the EOs used and the points to apply them. I was relaxed and happy – the coordination it took to get out of the house around dinner time on a weeknight and the small fee were both well worth the lasting benefits of the experience.

Mama is important too!

My personal space and time are limited. That’s just how it is right now and that’s okay. Because moms constantly give of our space, time, and energy we have to be mindful to take our own time here and there, so we can enjoy this crazy parenting ride that much more! When I make the time to do some sort of mind-body exercise like yoga or meditation, I feel that much more happy and ready to REALLY enjoy this time of my life to the fullest. I hope you are inspired to take care of your mind, body, and spirit too – YOU are so important!


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*The EOs used in the guided meditation I attended were doTerra – while we won’t tell you there is any brand of EO you must use I did want to include the specific information for the oils that made the most impact on my personal meditation experience. If you are local to Orange County, CA and would like more information on the practitioner who facilitated the mediation and her services you can click here for her website.