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Baltic Amber Teething Necklace… For Mama!
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Baltic Amber Teething Necklace… For Mama!

Home Well-being Baltic Amber Teething Necklace… For Mama!

If you chose a Baltic Amber necklace to help ease your baby’s teething pain you already know they aren’t magic or mumbo-jumbo… and not used to chew on!  Simply, it’s science that makes them work. Baltic Amber is fossilized tree resin, which contains an anti-inflammatory called succinic acid in solid form. The same way aspirin eases pain with an active ingredient found in willow tree bark, succinic acid is used in medications as an anti-inflammatory and fever reducer. Since the skin absorbs as much as the digestive tract, it is easy to understand how wearing Baltic Amber against the skin can help reduce discomfort.

I kept my son’s teething necklace as a sentimental token after he was through teething. It was such a part of his cute baby/toddler style – it was always on him and coupled with his flowing curls made him look like a tiny free-spirited hippie. Around the time he no longer needed the necklace I realized I might get some benefit from it! He was a late walker AND a large little man, a tough combo on a mama’s hip, arm, and mainly for me, wrist. I had tingling, pain, and popping sensations. I was prescribed a brace and painkillers but I found both to be impractical for my own personal daily use. It wasn’t until I put my son’s necklace on my wrist that I found REAL relief!! I have very small wrists so I was able to wear the single necklace wrapped around. Eventually I purchased a Baltic Amber teething bracelet on-line to extend the necklace a bit and make it more comfortable to wear.

I currently wear two Baltic Amber teething necklaces, attached together at the clasps, on my right wrist at all times. I have a bit of a tan line from the summer, but I found I’m most comfortable if I never take it off. My wrist has slowly started to give me less trouble, but I will continue to wear Baltic Amber as long as needed because it has given me the best result in pain relief for my overused wrist. I even recently purchased a “fancy” bracelet made from beautiful polished Baltic Amber for my rare dress-up occasions. The bracelet doesn’t provide as much skin coverage as wearing the necklaces on my wrist, but at least I don’t have to be without my Baltic Amber for too long.  If you are interested in trying it out for yourself you can most likely purchase a Baltic Amber teething necklace at your local natural baby/holistic store or boutique.  If you do not have a store that carries Baltic Amber nearby you can order a necklace online below – pay attention to the sizing and measure your wrist before ordering if you plan to wear a single necklace as a bracelet (as I said above, I have small wrists).

If you are researching Baltic Amber for use with your baby, please note that it is recommended all jewelry is removed when child is unsupervised. Take the opportunity to do research and find out the best option for you – a lot of times the staff at natural baby stores can be a wealth of information, as well as doing your own research and talking to other mamas!

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  • Donna says:

    This is a great article to read. My daughter gave me a Amber bracelet for Mother’s Day a few years ago to also wear on my wrist to help with the pain I experience due to many years of typing. I have to say that it really helps with the numbness & tingling I experience in my wrist. One of my best gifts!