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5 Experience Gifts to Give Dad this Father’s Day

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Experience Gifts for Fathers Day

Father’s Day is coming up and we’re all wracking our brains over what to give dear ol’ Dad this year, right? Images of ties, personalized mugs, and #1DAD t-shirts dance in our minds –  but why not skip that this year and opt for something that isn’t actually a “thing”? The kids can of course still create their hand-made items for him and gramps because there’s so much joy for both the giver and receiver in those special offerings! If you usually do something additional why not consider getting him the gift of an experience that leaves him relaxed, invigorated or more knowledgeable? Collect memories, not things and all that jazz, right? We say give it a try!

Some of these ideas can be a gift card or hand-made vouchers that serve as the gift dad receives while you’re doing whatever your family likes to do to celebrate Father’s Day Sunday (BBQ anyone?); or if you prefer, some of these ideas can be a cool way to actually spend Father’s Day Sunday – totally up to you!

GMC Lessons for DAD

Lessons for something he’s always wanted to learn: Sometimes we want to learn something but never really get around to it. Support his interest with guitar or art lessons if that’s what he’d love to do! What about learning to be a Brewmaster, Cheesemonger, or Sommelier? If you’re coastal he might have always wanted to try scuba diving, sailing, or paddle boarding. What about some rock climbing 101? Rider training to qualify for a motorcycle license? If he’s passionate about his ride then send him to get trained to detail his car like a pro!

Time to play some sports: This is a good one that can give Dad the gift of a little guy time or the gift of doing something fun with the whole family. A trip to the batting cages, a morning of golf with his dad/buddies/you, or mini golf with the kids, time on a race track (a real one or the indoor family-friendly kind), bowling, tennis, indoor rock climbing, trampoline park – really the list goes on and on. The key here is to plan it – purchase whats needed and carve out the time to make sure it happens. This is also how Mom likes her spa days, right?

Beer Tasting/Tour: Speaking of the spa, a brewery tour is like a day at the man spa for most dads! This one isn’t a family day experience, but Dad might be pretty excited to get a gift card for an excursion or a voucher with the details easily made on the computer. Wine tasting and tours are also a great idea, but wineries can be harder to come by depending on where you live. On the other hand, breweries are popping up in diverse locations and if you’re lucky enough to live close to a cluster of them you may also find a guided tour of multiple breweries available from a private agency. Send him off with the guys or get a sitter and gather some couples and celebrate a few daddy-os together with a day date!

Support a cause Dad is passionate about: If you have a local animal park, wild life refuge or zoo you think Dad would like to support you can symbolically adopt and animal for a small fee and plan a family day to go visit. Close to the ocean? A membership to your local Surfrider Foundation Chapter and a day at the beach. If he loves the great outdoors it can be a National Wildlife Federation Membership and a day hike or weekend campout. There really are endless opportunities to make a difference with his Father’s Day gift this year.

Photo Session- Digitals only:  Stay with us on this one! Plan a family session and enjoy some time together in a beautiful setting or with a unique theme! Arrange for the use of a classic car or interesting vehicle, pick Dad’s favorite era and dress everyone up, or even be a family of super heroes.  You can  get some pictures done of you and the kiddos, or try your hand at capturing some fun images of just the kids yourself – however you do it, get just the digitals. Digital photos may seem like a weird gift but what about a new computer screen saver/smartphone home screen? Maybe dad has a small office, is cutting down on clutter, works remotely, works from home, or is a stay-at-home-dad… A new thoughtfully created image of the kiddos for his computer desktop or smartphone may be just the thing that would brighten his day – no waste, no clutter! If he really wants some printed out he can pick his favorites to send in to get printed… maybe even on a mug (or a #1 DAD tee for that matter…).

GMC Sports for DAD